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Laser Hold Down / Registration Pins (5 count)

Laser Hold Down / Registration Pins (5 count)

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Laser Goose Labs

Material- PETG

Color- WHITE

Weight- N/A

Size- Pin diameter 7mm, Hold down ledge 12.5mm
Have a 3D Printer? (STL Download)

The Laser Goose Labs Holddown/Registration pin is an essential tool for any honeycomb laser bed. These pins allow for repeatable registration by aligning material with the flat side of the hold down ledge, or offer a mild pressure to prevent peices from moving while in the machine even agaist higher pressure air assists without damaging your work.

The pins interact with the honeycomb bed on your laser by being inserted into the cells of the bed, the tapered pin allows for a presure fit in most honeycomb beds. These pins are calibrated for a maximum of 7mm hole. 

If you have a honeycomb bed of non-standard size please reach out to me and I will work with you to provide you a custom spec. laser pin. 

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