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QR Code Patch (Leatherette) 2"x2"

QR Code Patch (Leatherette) 2"x2"

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Laser Goose Labs

Material- Faux Leather, Cork

Color- Blue, Blue/Silver, Teal, Pink, Rawhide, Dark brown, Light brown, Gray, Red, Rose, Cork

Size: 50mmx50mm | 2"x2"


Our Laser cut leatherette patches contain high contrast cores, and Milspec Type II Class 4 Velcro Loop backers, that are afixed with waterproof adhesive and Milspec bonded nylon thread creating a visibly high standard patch for your collection.

QR Patches are the perfect solution to help build your internet fame (or rick roll your friends) by linking to youtube, or your own websites. 


All patches are made to order, expect wait times up to 3 days before shipping, If you would like a pre-production mockup of your patch please let us know. (Pre-production mockups may increase wait time relevant to your confirmation of the design.) 


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