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UV5R/BF-F8HP Radio Volume Lock Gen 2

UV5R/BF-F8HP Radio Volume Lock Gen 2

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Laser Goose Labs

Material- PETG UV Resistant Polymer

Color- Black

Weight- 4g

Compatible with Baofeng UV5R, UV5X3 and BF-F8HP Radios

Have a 3D Printer? Print your own with our STL file: Here

*Lanyard cord not included*

Get a lanyard cord here.


Do you bump your volume dial while operating operationally? Then you're going to need one of these.


Our Gen 2 volume dial protection for the Baofeng UV-5R radio is finally here; after over 4 years of use in environments all over the world we have culminated data that results in a refined radio lock to provide an even more effective solution to prevent unintentional manipulation of the volume dial.

The Gen 2 Volume Lock provides an enhanced geometry over the Gen 1 creating a better fit on the knob and increased purchase for easier use with gloved hands, while shortening the tail of the lock to decrease interaction with mic leads.

Our most heard complaint in the Gen 1 was the inability to remove the lock by grabbing it and pulling vertically as the knob may become stuck. This is no longer an issue with the added finger hole in the top of the device which aids in handling as well as allows the user to push through the hole to assist in removing the device vertically from the radio.



Manual of Use:

To employ the lock simply turn your UV5R's volume dial to your desired position and then align the lock so that the tail is in line with the audio jacks on the side of the radio and press the lock down onto the volume knob.


To remove the lock apply upwards pressure on either the lanyard loop or the base of the tail rocking the lock off of the volume knob.

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