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UV82/UV82HP Radio Dial Lock

UV82/UV82HP Radio Dial Lock

Product Details:

Manufacturer: LaserGooseLabs

Material- PETG UV Resistant Polymer

Color- Black/grey

Weight- 3g

Size- 20mmx18mmx18mm

Compatible with Baofeng UV82 and UV82HP Radios


*Lanyard cord not included*

Get a lanyard cord here.


Do you bump your volume dial while operating operationally? Then you're going to need one of these.


Designed without sacrifice this radio lock takes all of the best concepts of our UV5R lock design and then some, making this the most secure and efficient way to protect your UV82's volume knob while maintaining its ability to be manipulated one-handed. 



Manual of Use:

To employ the lock simply turn your UV82's volume dial to your desired position, and then align the lock so that the small slot is aligned with its walls on either side of the flashlight, and the lanyard loop is in line with the audio jack port then simply push down from the top to lock in place.


To remove the lock apply upward pressure on the lanyard loop rocking the lock off of the volume knob.


DO NOT pull from the top of the lock or you will remove the volume knob along with the lock, if this does occur just realign the slot in the base of the volume knob with the post and press the knob back into place.

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